Seltzer Retreat in the Woods

The Seltzer Retreat Center is a 6-acre property that was donated to Palmyra First Church almost 75 years ago by the Seltzer Family for use as a place of spiritual renewal. Since then, the church has held it as a sacred trust for the benefit of the faith community.

The Center often hosts retreats for other churches and groups looking for a quiet place formeetings and  retreats. The Palmyra First Church vision team has met there several times as they develop plans to advance the ministry of the church.

In addition to the 6 wooded acres, the Center includes a basketball court, sleeping accommodations in two large rooms equipped with 15 bunk beds each, two separate shower facilities, a large open room on the upper level, and a full kitchen.

In the past, the facility has been used for weddings, family reunions, and other family functions. Next time you want a gathering place, consider using Seltzer. Click here to download the application.

You can support this ministry in a variety of ways:

1. Recommend the Center to family, friends, and the boss — anyone who might need a retreat center! Download the brochure here.
2. Consider using the Center for your small group or family gathering.
3. Volunteer to open the facility and lock up after a group has used the Center.
4. Help clean the building.
5. Volunteer to be a part of the groundskeeping crew.

Other Facilities Available For Rent

The following are also available to rent:


  • Fellowship Hall
  • South Wing
  • Scout Room
  • Chapel
  • Sanctuary
  • Kitchen
  • Pavilion
  • Parking Lot
  • NLA Classrooms
  • Discovery Dunes Classrooms
Fellowship Hall Kitchen
Fellowship Hall
Ready to rent one of our facilities? Download and complete the rental form:
  • External Rental Form – for events not related to the church. i.e. birthday parties, weddings, reunions.
  • Internal Rental Form – for church events, i.e. fundraisers, Christian holidays, and church gatherings.