Adult Sunday School & Study Groups

Our Adult Sunday School Study group meets in  the Fellowship Hall at 10:30 AM to discuss the  news and events of the day from a Christian  perspective. Lee Smedley facilitates the group  using material called “The Wired Word.” The  material is based on the news of the week. The  lesson is published on the Thursday for use on  Sunday, so the topics are about recent events. To  see the materials and be ready for the discussion,  contact Lee at and he will  add you to his distribution list. 

New Study Groups 

One of the keys to growing in Christ is to be a part  of a small group were asking and answering  questions can be done in a safe space. This is the  value of small groups. Right now, the church  offers four different groups, but not everyone can  take advantage of them as the times and places  they meet are not convenient to everyone. If you  would like to be a part of a small group, but the  existing ones don’t work for you, talk to Pastor  Jim. He will help facilitate the gathering of other  individuals at a time and place convenient for a  new group to start. Remember, the location can  be somewhere in the church, at a private home, a  diner, or even via Zoom. The possibilities are  limitless. Help yourself and others grow in faith by  being part of a new small group study.