Vision Team & Celebrate Recovery Updates


The Palmyra First Church Vision Team has been  busy in December. The team planned the  distribution of 400 invitational bags around the  community, offered a gift-wrapping service, and  helped the Blessed Misfits do a local mission  project of assisting at local laundromats by  paying for a few loads of laundry and having  some great conversations.  

At our next meeting we will be evaluating the  effectiveness of our initiatives and continuing to  plan for the future. The big agenda item is our  continuing preparation for the rollout of  Celebrate Recovery (CR) just after Easter of  2023.

The Palmyra First Church Vision Team, with help from the Church of the Good Shepherd in Lebanon, is  preparing to launch Celebrate Recovery for the Palmyra Area Community in April of 2023. The program is  a 12-Step Christ-Centered program designed to help individuals overcome their hurts, hang-ups, and  habits. The program is ideal for people dealing with a variety of issues ranging from grief and depression,  to behavioral addictions and chemical addictions, and just about anything in between. Mike Heimbach is  our point person and is currently training for his role in the program. 

In order for this to be successful, we will need a team of folks who will help us launch the program. Once  we are established, the bulk of the tasks will be done by the participants, but initially, we need a team to  jump start everything. If you are called by God to this ministry, please contact with Mike or Pastor Jim  and they will keep you posted as things continue to develop.