Full Commitment! 

How committed to the advancement of God’s Kingdom through the ministry of Palmyra First Church are  you? Are you committed with both feet or are you reserving your options? 

One of the ways people have demonstrated their commitment to the mission and ministry of a local church  is by becoming a member of the church. Membership in Palmyra First Church is a commitment to our  primary mission of “Serving Christ, Changing Lives.” It does not mean we are always in agreement with every  ministry, in lock-step with either the Annual Conference or the General Conference, but it does mean a level  commitment to the mission, ministry and members of the local church. 

Pastor Jim would love to have a discussion with anyone interested in knowing more about the church, its  mission, history, and future direction. Just give him a call or write an email. He can describe the differences  between a Full Professing Member, Baptized Member, an Associate Member, and an Affiliate Member as  well as the rights and responsibilities of members in each category.