The Blessed Misfits Small Group Study

The Blessed Misfits are our Wednesday evening study group, which meets in the South Wing at 6:30 PM.
The group also offers a Zoom option for those who, for whatever reason, need an online option. After a few weeks off over the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays, the “Misfits” are resuming on January 4, 2023 with a brand new book called “The One.” “The One,” Reaching the Lost with the Love of Christ, was written by Jennifer and Jim Cowart. The publisher describes the book this way: Think about the happy relief that floods through you when you find a lost cell phone or a misplaced set of keys. This is just the tiniest hint of what it feels like to reach out to the ones in our lives who are spiritually lost…who have not yet discovered the rich love God has for them. Plus, as the parables in Luke 15 show us, to save “the one” is a wonderful way to respond to God’s great love. Jesus tells stories about rejoicing when lost things are found–specifically, a lost sheep, a lost coin, and a lost child. “The One” uses these parables to teach us how to become passionate about sharing the love and message of Jesus to reach those who don’t know God.

This will be a 4-week study. Everyone is invited to join. To get a head start on the reading, let Pastor Jim
know of your interest and he will secure a book for you.

Blessed Misfits-Laundry of Love  

There’s a conspiracy of kindness happening at Palmyra First UMC and you may already be in on it! 

Over the past month, the Wednesday evening Bible study group, The Blessed Misfits, collected over $200 in  donated quarters for their Laundry of Love servant evangelism effort. Your coins planted seeds of God’s love  and grace on December 14th at 3 Palmyra laundromats. In 1 hour, 15 people were shown God’s love in a  practical way by paying for their washer and dryer costs. They also received a Palmyra First United Methodist  Church card and a cookie. The Blessed Misfits conducted a kindness conspiracy for the folks at the Palmyra  and Annville post offices as well. 

The idea for Laundry of Love sprang from Steve Sjogren’s book, Conspiracy of Kindness, which The Blessed  Misfits recently studied. They plan to continue their Conspiracy of Kindness into 2023.  

You are invited to show God’s love in a practical way by joining The Blessed Misfits on Wednesdays at 6:30  PM in the South Wing.