Church Membership 


The data base of Palmyra First Church containing the contact information for members and friends of the  church is divided into several categories. They include: 

1. Baptized Members, which includes all persons who have been baptized either at the church or whose  parents are closely connected to the church. They remain baptized members until they either become  professing members of our church or another church, or request to be removed from the rolls. 

2. Professing Members are people who have been baptized and then took the vows of membership to  support the ministry of Palmyra First Church with their prayer, presence, gifts, service, and witness.  These folks are the ones who can vote at church conferences, be voting members of the Church council  and a few other committees. 

3. Charge Conference Relationship members are clergy members of an Annual Conference who are  appointed by the bishop the serve our church and other clergy who are not serving a church by  appointment who choose our church as the place where they hold their charge conference membership. 

4. Affiliate Members are professing members of another related Methodist or United Methodist Church,  but are active at our church and have requested an affiliate membership. They have most of the same  rights and responsibilities as professing members within the local church. 

5. Associate Members are professing member of other denominations who want to have closer relationship  with our church while maintain their membership in the other church. Associate members may hold  most offices except voting membership in the Church Council.  

6. Constituents are not members, but the church has accepted pastoral responsibility for their spiritual  wellbeing.  

7. Visitors are folks who may be here frequently, but are not members and another church has pastoral  responsibility for their spiritual care. 

If you would like to become an official member of the church, please contact Pastor Jim and he will be happy  to discuss the situation and options with you.