Small Group Studies  

The serious study of God’s work with others help draw us into a closer relationship with God. Palmyra First  Church wants to help you develop that personal relationship with the Lord. This is why we sponsor several  opportunities to study a part of a small group. Below are some of your options: 

On Sunday mornings we offer an adult study group. It meets in Fellowship Hall at 10:30 AM to discuss the  news events of the day from a Christians perspective. Lee Smedley serves as the facilitator using material  called “The Wired Word.” The material is based on the news of the week. The lesson is published on the  Thursday for use on Sunday, so the topics are about recent events. To see the materials and be ready for the  discussion, contact Lee at and he will add you to his distribution list. 

The Blessed Misfits, one of our midweek groups, meets each Wednesday at 6:30 PM in the South Wing and  via Zoom for those who prefer remote learning or for other reasons are unable to be in person. The topics  rotate between various books of interest to the group. The group is currently reading and putting into  practice a book called “Conspiracy of Kindness.” This is an active group and has decided to participate in our  own Conspiracy of Kindness by going to 2 of our local laundromats to offer a practical expression of Christian  love by covering the cost of the washers and driers. 

The Misfits will be selecting a new book sometime in January. Each book normally last between 4 and 10  weeks with most being in the 6-to-8-week range. For more information about the Blessed Misfits, watch the  weekly bulletins or simply contact Pastor Jim at or call Heidi in the church office  at 717-838-2551.  

There is also a Tuesday study group. Our Woman’s Study Group that meets via Zoom. The contact person for  this group is Eileen Fox who can be contacted at  

If you would like to be a part of a small group study, but the current topics or times do not work for you,  consider creating a new group. Pastor Jim will be happy to assist in getting the group started.