Extending the Table  

Do you enjoy visiting people? Do you enjoy sharing the love of Jesus in casual conversation with people who  are happy to talk to you? If so, you are likely an ideal candidate to be a part of the ministry of “Extending  the Table.” Extending the (Communion) Table is a ministry to our unwillingly absent members, which  insures they receive the sacrament of holy communion on a regular basis.  

How it works is relatively simple. Each time we celebrate the sacrament, those who extend the table will  receive a home communion kit, which includes a brief order of service as well as bread and grape juice that  were consecrated at the regular worship service. The elements are taken (by appointment) to our  unwillingly absent members on Sunday or Monday. If you feel called to provide this service to others, please  contact Pastor Jim. He will offer a full explanation of the expectations and get you set up for this vital  ministry. 

In case you are wondering, the “Unwillingly Absent” are those who, for whatever reason, cannot attend our  services. It could be a transportation problem, disability, or work commitments that keep them away.  Anyone who wants to be here, but can’t make it, is one of our “unwillingly absent.” 

If you are interested in receiving a visit from the “Extending the Table” ministry team, please call the church  office so the arrangements can be made. 

Please note, this ministry does not replace pastoral visits, rather it simply supplements them. If you would  like a visit from Pastor Jim, feel free to give him a call so he can add you to the schedule. He can be reached  at 717-473-0042.