Trustee’s Update

The Board of Trustees has continued to make progress on a number of items.

Sealing the Gap
The gap in the plaster above the cornice work that conceals the lights in the sanctuary will be sealed in
either October or November, depending on the schedule of the crew doing the work. The actual work will
likely take about five days to complete. To recap the situation, the gap is not new. It appears to have been
there since the sanctuary was built in 1955. The gap allows heat to rise above the sanctuary to the attic
and bell tower.

The Seltzer Retreat Center
Bill Woodring, with the assistance of Phil DeIvernois, Ken Fuhrman, Mike Heimbach, Fred Adams and
others have continued to clean up the grounds at Seltzer. The work included cleaning brush, grinding
stumps in the parking area, power washing the floor of the lower level, and various other odds and ends.
The next big push will be when a Spanish language Church that has previously used the facility will spend a weekend painting the facility. The grounds look great thanks to the combined efforts of the entire team.

Church Clean Up
The church cleanup continues. Our crew turned up another 50 cans of partially used or dried up cans of
paint for disposal. Some of the items found may be useful to others and will be offered for sale at the
upcoming yard sale.

Deferred Projects
The trustees still hope to eventually get to some of our deferred projects, but things like sealing the
parking lot and having it restriped, having the basketball court surface at the Seltzer Retreat Center
worked on, and a new sign for the Center will have to wait for now. All three projects are on hold because
the money it would take has been used for more pressing projects.

The Trustees have been good stewards with the money you have entrusted to them. Your continued
support of the Capital Improvement Fund will help keep our building and grounds up to date and in great
working order. Gifts can be given in the monthly Capital Improvement envelopes or by specifying on the
memo line of your check the preferred use of your donation.